The key factors for creating the image and positioning of a ecotourism destination are the diversity of natural resources, the existence of protected natural spaces, good accessibility, cleanliness and conservation of spaces and equipment to support the activity.

There are good examples of product structuring and development, but in general there is a lack of basic infrastructure and services for tourist use, whether in terms of informational signs, maintenance of pedestrian routes, the number of tourist information points, interpretive centers and specific equipment for certain niche markets.

To face this reality and allow the development of this market we decided to sell and install various types of equipment for tourism activities in nature.


Signage comprises a set of equipment and information structures. We sell various solutions for walking and cycling routes designed in accordance with The Portuguese Ordinance No. 98/2015. We provide customized solutions for product identity, or the model defined by the Walkers Federation of Portugal. We have beacons in national pine wood, certified, with autoclave treatment, beacons in limestone from Rio Maior and in galvanized metal designed especially for application in urban space. We also provide information panels and interpretation tables.

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Unlike most companies, our solutions are not cataloged, but developed specifically for each location. It is necessary to guarantee a good integration in the landscape, the best accessibility, the security of the equipment and the satisfaction of the public. All our shelters are made with FSC certified wood. According to the financial availability, there are numerous possibilities to make your project viable.

Equipament - Met Nature, Consultoria e Serviços


In its construction we use FSC certified wood, without the use of chemical preservatives. The box design is simple, light, strong and resistant to cracking and cracking and has low thermal conductivity, providing excellent insulation. Due to natural wood, the appearance may vary due to seasonal wood availability or environmental factors. We have nests for insectivorous birds that help to control the pine caterpillar (processionary) and other forest species allied to fight other forest pests. These species allow the reduction of the use of insecticides, with economic and environmental advantages for the farmers. We also have models for other birds like the Black Redstart or the Robin. In addition to the base model for small birds, we produce other larger models for birds of prey to order that help you control the number of rodents harmful to your crops. We also provide various types of bat shelters. These animals per night can consume up to a third of their body weight from moths, beetles, mosquitoes, grasshoppers and flies.

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We carry out a technical visit to your property for a survey of existing species with potential for the development of this tourist activity. After analyzing the existences and geography of the place, we propose the best solutions, developed specifically for each location and depending on the species to be photographed. We have fixed shelters with capacity for 4 people and solutions for 2 people. In wood solutions we use FSC certified wood. Depending on the species to be photographed, these shelters can be installed on raised platforms, at ground level or with the water line as horizon. To complement this equipment, we have tailor-made solutions for installing feeders and drinkers.

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All authorities agree that in rural areas, isolation hinders the rapid action of security forces and the installation of security systems is convenient. Remote surveillance is the alternative to enhance the security of your property. We have a low cost solution with no monthly fees that allow us to create protection barriers around a location. The remote cameras have motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity. They also have night vision, thanks to a technology that uses infrared that are automatically activated when the light level drops. Every time someone enters your area of action a photo or video is taken and sent to your mobile phone or computer allowing you to alert the authorities and identify the invaders. This equipment monitors the perimeter of your property or housing, discourages theft and fraud, allows you to save on security costs and to document suspicious activities.

Equipament - Met Nature, Consultoria e Serviços
Equipament - Met Nature, Consultoria e Serviços